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Wish Upon A Star

My new favourite, this gorgeous Snowman stands 9" tall, he's wearing a woolly hat, homespun scarf and carrying a rusty star pick.  

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WT01. Warm Wishes Wall Hanging

I love this Snowman ~ his face is so sweet.  He is made from ¾" pine with a little bird of ½" pine resting on his hat; which is speckled with 'snow'.  He is finished with little rusty tin jingle bells for buttons and a homespun scarf to keep him warm.  The bow comes in two colours, please choose below.
Height:16" tall x 9" wide

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WT04. Blizzard Bunch

I simply love this one ~ the Snow family gathers together in a grapevine wreath, with a wooden picket fence.  There is so much detail including homespun scarves, earmuffs, rusty tin stars, hats and jumpers ~ please note, the finishing touches will not be all the exactly the same as shown.
Wreath: 11" diameter.
Made from a 'Sweet Dreams' Pattern.


WT05. The Flakes

These little snowmen faces look really cheeky and cheerful; there are five 'snowmen' all with different colour homespun hats and scarves.  The twisted wire hanger is finished with a painted wooden snowflake. Snowmen: 5" high (including hat) x 2" wide face
Total (including hanger) 11"
Made from a 'Sweet Dreams' pattern.


WT06. Starlight, Starbright

This Snowman doesn't want to melt away and asks the little star to help him!  Made from 3/4" pine, the Snowman, Christmas tree, Star and sign are hung on a thick grapevine wreath and are speckled with 'snow'.
Wreath ~ 13" diameter.
Total height ~ 15"


WT07. Jingle Bell Jack

Jack is a jolly, chubby snowman with rusty Jingle Bell buttons and carrying a large 'snow' covered rusty Jingle Bell. Please choose the colour of Jack's scarf below.
12" tall
9" at widest part

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WT08. Charlie Chubbs

Charlie loves the snow and has an armful of Christmas greenery with a 'snow' covered rusty tin snowflake. Please choose colour of Charlie's scarf below.
8" tall

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WT09. Melt-Away Max

Max is so warm he's almost melted away poor thing, even his buttons are lop-sided!  Please choose colour of Max's scarf below.
6" wide

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WT10.This Little Light of Mine

A large wall hanging snowman with a battery operated light.  He is made of 3/4 inch thick pine, approximately 23 inches tall and decorated with Christmas greenery, berries, reindeer moss and finished with a lovely homespun scarf.  (replacement light bulbs, when needed, can be found in most good electrical stores - I purchased mine from Maplins who have branches throughout the UK)


Gift Card Ornie

If you're giving a gift card or money for Christmas, why not pop it in this little ornie?  It can then be hung on the tree as a decoration!  He has sparkles on his hat and is 6" tall excluding hanger.

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WT11 - Juggling George
George is just a show off juggling the snowballs!  He stands at 6 1/2" and is keeping warm with a lovely red felt coat and a homespun scarf.

WT12 - Let it Snow

A lovely set of four Snowmen who want it to snow - a lot! The blue snowman stands at approximately 10 1/2" and is decorated with a star, the green snowman is 9" tall with a little gingerbreadman, the red snowman is 8" and has a Christmas tree and the cream one is 6" with a heart. All snowmen are spattered with 'snow'.  

These snowmen are ideal to personalise - instead of having Let it snow a lot, you could choose to have your family names on the snowmen - the snowmen are approximately 3" wide so names need to fit into that amount of space. If you would like me to do this for you, please add a note to your order and clearly state exact names you would like. 


WT13 - Come on down!

The lovely snowman wants lots more snow - the blue sign is decorated with 2 big snowflakes and 'falling snow'. The snowman is looking upwards with a cute grin and has a homespun scarf to keep him warm. I have attached a zig zag hook on the back to hang the sign. Approximately 7" by 7"


WT14 - The Blizzards

Mum, Dad and snowbaby, this snowfamily - The Blizzards - are lovely. Dad stands at 8" tall and carries a broom. Mum is 6 1/2" tall and has a small sack of Christmas greenery. Snowbaby is 5" small and carries a Snowflake pick.


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